Each one of us is familiar with the story about Alice who fell into the rabbit hole. But what if what you knew was not the truth, or at the very least not the only truth? What if the story had changed along the way...?

This is my story about what actually happened in Wonderland.


In the beginning of the year 2000, my Grandmother gave me an old sketchbook. Inside were strange drawings of a magical place under ground and creatures with long rabbit ears. Little did I know, that this sketchbook was going to effect me in a deeply profound way. I instantly felt compelled to research it's nature and it's origin.

I have to tell you.

Grandmother had told me that the sketchbook had been in our family since the late 19th century and it had belonged to one of our ancestors, who worked as a kitchen maid for a wealthy family in Oxford, England. However, due to reasons of the unknown, our ancestor was abruptly dismissed from her position and she moved to Finland, bringing the sketchbook with her.

The Oxfordian family, 'The Dodgson's', peculiarly shared the same surname with a 19th century mathematician, very fond of rabbits himself. This man became famous for his strange stories and is best known by the alias: Lewis Carroll.

Maybe it is an uncanny coincidence but what if that same sketchbook influenced the famous story of Alice...? Alice who fell down the Rabbit's hole?

Inspired, I made an exhibition in a small cafe in 2003. I picked the most interesting characters from the sketchbook drawings: a young girl, a big rabbit and a lady with rabbit ears. In the name of art, I combined these bits and pieces into a story fuelled with the sprinklings of my own imagination.

After the exhibition, I was unexpectedly contacted by several sources who offered information in the most mysterious and discreet manner. Over the next years, I followed this information and it lead me to the most fascinating and previously unseen documents... documents that would simply blow people's minds.

I researched my family roots and indeed, the traces lead back to England. I studied the rarest of materials in various archives and museums. I even managed to get a job as a photographer in The National Board of Antiquities in Finland, which lead me to explore the film stocks and the most delicate objects from the room of rarities.

I have reconstructed evidence that has nearly been destroyed, I've discovered artefacts from museums, archives and cross referenced them directly with the drawings in my Grandmothers sketchbook. Finally, I was assured that I have enough material for a new exhibition with the most extraordinary works to display and after years of dedicated research.

It is finally time to reveal what really happened to Alice and the Rabbit.


This is the frame story to my tale of Alice and the Rabbit, a story of Wonderland. The works have been exhibited in Gallery Volga, Helsinki, 2011; Galerie Huit, Arles, 2012; Gallery Ibis, Vaasa 2012; China House, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, 2013.